Maine Fishing Lodges and Resorts

Bosebuck Mountain Camps The last frontier in the northeastern United States for wild brook trout and landlocked salmon. Outstanding hunting for Ruffed Grouse and big game. Remote, unspoiled wilderness in Maine’s western mountains perfect for family vacations.

Bradford Camps Come and enjoy the spectacular beauty of Munsungun Lake at Bradford Camps. Fly fish, troll and spin cast on our lake, ponds and streams for wild and native brook trout, landlocked salmon, lake trout and blueback trout.

Conklin’s Lodge & Camps We offer Remote Camping & Hiking, Canoeing & Photography Snowmobiling and Ice Fishing.

Crooked Tree Lodge We are the outdoors person’s one-stop place for bear hunting, deer hunting and coyote hunting, as well as fishing whether it be Brook Trout, Landlocked Salmon or Togue; Crooked Tree has it all!

Eagle Lodge and Camps Our rustic waterfront cabins are a reminder of great old days of yesteryear, with their gas lights and wood stoves. We have some of the best Smallmouth Bass fishing in the state.

Gateway Recreation and Lodging Flyfish for brook trout on any number of small fly fishing only ponds in the region. Take your kids fishing on Wyman Lake for yellow and white perch, sunfish, and smallmouth bass. Come visit and see what the outdoors in Maine is all about.

Grand Lake Lodge Housekeeping Cabins on the Shore of West Grand Lake. PO Box 8, Grand Lake Stream, ME 04637 ~ Tel: 207-796-5584.

Grant’s Kennebago Camps Grants Camps is located 9 miles behind a controlled gate where you can still find the old- fashioned hospitality of a traditional sporting camp. Your stay with us includes 3 home cooked meals a day and housekeeping service so you have plenty of time to fish, swim, hike, boat, explore and just plain relax in the western mountains of Maine.

Penobscot Lake Lodge Penobscot Lake lies 60 miles northwest of Greenville, and a scant one mile east of the Canadian border. Penobscot Lake is home to the rare and elusive blueback trout. Few waters are known to contain these arctic char or bluebacks. The fish range in size up to 3 pounds with the char a bit smaller generally, than brookies. The lake is deep cold water, spring fed lake, although there are a few inlets that offer excellent spawning habitat for brook trout as well as bluebacks..

Spencer Pond Camps Our remote location provides pristine fishing opportunities for native wild Brook Trout. The Roach River nearby offers catch and release fly fishing for salmon and trout. Mooshead lake also offers angles opportunities for trout, togue, landlocked salmon, bass, and perch.

Ellen Island Camp
Fireside Lodge
Wild Goose Lake Resort
Northern Walleye Lodge
Anglers Kingdom